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The Journal of Business and Artificial Intelligence is the leading publication at the nexus of artificial intelligence (AI) and business practices. Our primary goal is to serve as a premier forum for the dissemination of practical, case-study-based insights into how AI can be effectively applied to various business problems. The journal focuses on a wide array of topics, including product development, market research, discovery, sales & marketing, compliance, and manufacturing & supply chain. By providing in-depth analyses and showcasing innovative applications of AI, we seek to guide businesses in harnessing AI's potential to optimize their operations and strategies.
In addition to these areas, the journal places a significant emphasis on how AI can aid in scaling organizations, enhancing revenue growth, financial forecasting, and all facets of sales, sales operations, and business operations. We cater to a diverse readership that ranges from AI professionals and business executives to academic researchers and policymakers. By presenting well-researched case studies and empirical data, The Journal of Business and Artificial Intelligence is an invaluable resource that not only informs but also inspires new, transformative approaches in the rapidly evolving landscape of business and technology. Our overarching aim is to bridge the gap between theoretical AI advancements and their practical, profitable applications in the business world.