Implementing Generative AI at Large Enterprises

The Technology is Not Where Big Companies Struggle


  • Tom Wala Illumified AI Author
  • Eric Wooten Cisco Author


Generative AI, Gen AI, Digital Transformation, Digital Business Transformation, Business Models, Chatbots, Large Language Models, LLMs


Large enterprises can experience various challenges when implementing Generative AI (Gen AI) solutions across their functional lifecycles. The primary challenges are often more than the technical aspects of deploying a vendor-provided or in-house-developed Gen AI solution.

The primary complexity culprits are usually one or more of the following: (a) lack of explicit business models to drive new revenue streams for the company; (b) incomplete company North Star vision that defines their Gen AI success strategy; (c) poor executive alignment and incentive structures created to ensure successful and timely Gen AI implementations; (d) unrealistic delivery timelines imposed on Gen AI project implementations; (e) lack of well thought out business cases to measure Gen AI project impact, including cost efficiencies and margin improvements for the company (f) insufficient focus on end-to-end business process design; and, (g) inadequate internal team expertise in delivering large-scale digital business transformations for the company.

This case study will identify, generalize, and prioritize challenges with Gen AI and similar enterprise technology implementations. These insights are based on the authors’ experience, over the past 25+ years, in designing, enabling, and scaling digital business transformations at Fortune 500 and other high-tech companies.

At Illumified AI, we are committed to helping companies identify and mitigate these transformational challenges. Most importantly, we are thought leaders in envisioning and incorporating new business models and technology solutions as enterprises search for new revenue streams and cost efficiencies resulting from their Gen AI deployments.

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Author Biographies

  • Tom Wala, Illumified AI

    Serial Entrepreneur and Start-up Founder with expertise in the Partner Marketing and Display Advertising space. Now applying these experiences to the new world of Generative AI (Gen-AI), including identifying new Business Models, driving Digital Business Transformations, Process Optimization and developing Enterprise SaaS + Trusted AI platforms.

    Corporate Entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience with deep expertise in envisioning, designing and delivering Digital Business Transformations for Fortune 500 companies. I've had the privilege to work with innovative teams at high-tech companies, including Dell, Dell Technologies and VMware.

    Lecturer, Mentor and class content contributor for MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA '99, MS ME '99), University of Texas McCombs School of Business, and top business school classes, with topics such as: Corporate Entrepreneurship, Start-up Entrepreneurship, Organizational Culture, Digital Business Transformation, Process Optimization, Value Chain Integration and Business Model Innovation.

    I am interested in Advisory roles at innovative start-ups, hyper-growth industry leaders, Fortune 500 high-tech companies and entrepreneurship programs at business schools.

    I am passionate about mentoring students, helping them to envision new companies (and business models), while guiding them to identify their ideal career journeys.

  • Eric Wooten, Cisco

    Founder at and ILLUMIFIED AI, where I create game-changing technology solutions, drive subscription ARR market share, and elevate customer experiences for enterprise clients and disruptive start-ups.

    Serial entrepreneur combining my extensive start-up skills with 20+ years of leadership at enterprise tech companies such as Dell, Cisco, GE Wayne and others.

    My core competencies include executive leadership, digital business transformation, enterprise product development/management, and tech start-ups in the Legal, Healthcare, Digital Marketing and eCommerce spaces.

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