Leveraging AI in Infrared Medical Imaging

Supporting the early diagnosis of illness, injury, or infection


  • Barry Hix Six Bridges Advisors Author
  • Mayco Moreira Vizbodx Author
  • Dr. Joao Paulo B. Leite BioPain Institute Author
  • Franciele de Meneck, PhD BioPain Institute Author


Infrared, Medical Imaging, AI Imaging Support, AI Diagnosis


Artificial intelligence is poised to radically change the way you and your physician assess your health status, but perhaps not in the way you imagined. The temperature patterns present in the surface of your skin can reveal the presence of and anatomical location of illness, injury, and infection. Historically, temperature assessment has been conducted using a single-point temperature from the forehead. As with any science, a single data point is often limited in its ability to inform. With rare exception, we find that there is greater insight when we examine a comprehensive set of data, the relationship of the data points, and the changes expressed in the data over time. Perhaps not at your next doctor’s visit, but not too long thereafter, your physician will seek to understand the temperature patterns operating across your body as a more comprehensive indicator of health status. AI will make possible richer insights and revelations into health status by equipping physicians and clinicians with both a real-time and longitudinal lens into the vast temperature landscape operating across the body.

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Author Biographies

  • Barry Hix, Six Bridges Advisors

    Commercial strategy coach equipping innovators in MedTech, Life Science, and Digital Health to win U.S. healthcare markets.

  • Mayco Moreira, Vizbodx

    Passionate entrepreneur and mechatronic engineer dedicated to improve people’s life through innovative technology.
    Focused in artificial intelligence, big data, thermal images and how it can be applied in healthcare.