Using an AI Accelerator to Build a Core Competency in AI — Six Case Studies

Three failures and three successes in AI adoption


  • Steve Smith Author


AI, Case Study, AI Competence, Applied AI, Practical AI


The CEOs of many large companies have recently been given a mandate by their Boards: “Get goin’ on AI!” The CEOs, in turn, typically respond in three distinct ways:

  1. Call marketing and generate some AI hype.
  2. Gather the senior team and commit to a five-year plan to do it right and start hiring AI PhDs.
  3. Find a partner that has an AI competence and tell your Board that you’ve checked off that AI box.

All three of these strategies can work but could also have poor outcomes in terms of lost credibility, lost opportunity, and enormous expense. There is, however, another way to build a corporate competency in AI. We call it an AI Accelerator. The concept has been trialed and tested many times during the last two decades. In this paper I will explore six case studies—three successes and three failures—and use these as practical lessons on how to create an AI Accelerator at your company.

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